For the last time…it’s not a diet!

by kareeheffernan on February 20, 2014



They say it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit. Have you ever tried to do something for that period of time to see if it actually works?

Tonight I’ve got 21 days on my mind. You see, I just started The 21 Day Fix with a group of amazing ladies on Monday. I can see already how powerful this program is going to be in helping to change the lives of so many.

What can you expect with The 21 Day Fix? You can expect that you will gain strength, lose weight, create new eating habits and learn to love yourself again.

The diet is actually quite simple. I’ll admit, when the containers came in the mail, I was surprised at how small they were. I was literally thinking “I’m going to be starving!”  However the opposite is true. Through a simple 2 step calculation, you learn what calorie range you are in and then it spells out how many of each color coded container you can eat a day. The book even tells you what can go in those containers!  Easy right? Yep!

I’ve been asked “are treats allowed?”  They absolutely are. There are some yummy recipes for treats in the book as well as a way to convert some of your favorites to fit into the plan. And who would’ve thought… WINE is even acceptable on the plan!

Here’s an example of what my food looks like in a day!

Breakfast: Tropical Shakeology with almond milk, banana and ice

Snack: strawberries and 2 hard boiled eggs

Lunch: Grilled chicken salad with sunflower seeds and dressing of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Snack: grapes, almonds and a treat from the “dessert” bar

Dinner: Oven baked tilapia, sweet potato, asparagus and cauliflower baked with evoo and garlic

Snack: whole grain waffle with peanut butter

This is a foolproof program to get you where you need to be!  All food groups are included. No one is happy without carbs!!!

While we are on the subject of nutrition, let’s talk about shakeology a little. Each package comes with 30 days of shakeology. It is a superfood formula that packs all your daily vitamins and minerals into one healthy drink. No artificial flavoring and no stimulants. Simply works by giving your body what it needs to function and lose weight naturally.

So let’s talk about the workouts!  30 minutes a day!!  What? Yep, who doesn’t have 30 minutes a day?  These workouts aren’t a joke. I’ll be honest, I was a little unsure if they would be “high intensity” enough for me. Rest assured though, if you are just starting out in your journey, the modifier is AWESOME!

3 days into the program. What can I tell you?  I’m in LOVE!  I’m in love with the workouts and I’m in love with the nutrition plan. Already, I know what I need to pack for my meals tomorrow to make it work. It’s simple, easy and I’m not counting calories, macros or points. The work has already been done for me. And guess what? I’ve lost almost 3 lbs since Monday!  Another challenger in my group that began last week lost 4lbs and 6 inches in a week!

I truly believe this program is going to change so many lives. People need a simple, quick and easy, foolproof way to get their lives on track and stay on track.

So stay tuned to future posts as I continue this journey into The 21 Day Fix!  I’m ecstatic to see what it brings myself and my challengers.

It’s not to late to join us. If you would like more info, please let me know. You can find me on Facebook at

To you health!



lkj The skinny on caloriesI am a wife and mother and work a full time job that I love… being a Physical Therapist.   I have found a new passion helping others reach their weight loss and nutrition goals after losing 75lbs myself. I choose to pay it forward and help others along their journey.  Please let me know if I can help you with your new life, either physically or financially!



Count your blessings

by kareeheffernan on February 13, 2014

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As I sit here and think about what my blog is going to be about, I am overcome with some different emotions.  I always want to write about health and fitness.  After all, it is the business I am in.  However tonight, I feel the need to write about something a little different.  Tonight I am emotional about being thankful.  Thankful for so many things in my life.

You see… I am often surrounded by negativity and many times, negativity breeds negativity.  Isn’t it hard not to fall into that trap?  The doldrums of everyday life, the busyness and no time for relaxation and enjoyment so to speak?  I am guilty too.  I wake up, workout, get this kids ( meaning hubby and Wil) off to school and then I run out the door.  Come home after work, make dinner, homework, paperwork,  baths and bed.  Is that all there is?

ALL THERE IS???  That’s where I stop and think about all that I have to be thankful for.  I have a hubby that has a job and is a wonderful daddy, great kiddos that are growing and healthy, a job I love…. What could be wrong with that picture?  Absolutely nothing is wrong with it.  We very often just get into the funk and we think there should be MORE.  Guess what?  MORE isn’t always BETTER!  What would it be?  MORE money?  MORE time? MORE?

A few times a week, I make myself slow down and think about everything there is to be thankful for in life.  Of course we all have our “down” days and nothing seems to be going right but in the grand scheme of things, there is always something to shed that light on everything.  Health, happiness, a warm home, family and much much more.

I challenge you to wake up thankful each day.  Waking with a positive attitude sets the tone for the day.  Keep a journal of all the things for which you are grateful.  Small things.  BIG things.  They all matter.  You matter.  Be thankful for each and every person in your life.  It will reward you immensely.


Have an amazing day!



lkj The skinny on caloriesI am a wife and mother and work a full time job that I love… being a Physical Therapist.   I have found a new passion helping others reach their weight loss and nutrition goals after losing 75lbs myself. I choose to pay it forward and help others along their journey.  Please let me know if I can help you with your new life, either physically or financially!


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